“I could not believe the things the other side was saying, and how mean they were. But each time, my lawyers had tough and smart answers to them. Each time, my lawyers made the other side admit they were wrong, or did not know something important, which my lawyers did. My lawyers just worked harder and smarter than the broker’s lawyers. I strongly recommend stockbrokerlawyer because of the great work they did for me. I never would have gotten the money without their help. Very happy.”

JF - Client Testimonial

“You’re the best. Thanks for everything.”

VA - Client Testimonial

“I appreciate your hard fought efforts. It’s always rewarding to litigate against quality counsel.”

DC, Esq. - Opposing Counsel Testimonial

“I have never seen another attorney get that kind of money on this kind of case.. . .”

TD, Esq. - Opposing Counsel Testimonial

Fogel argues persuasively. . . The Court finds for Mr. Fogel’s client.

Judge Leonie Brinkema United States District Court, District of Virginia

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