Misleading Promises


cohen 3 aStock brokers have a duty to fully and accurately inform you of the inherent risks of particular investment. Brokers will be held responsible for misrepresenting material facts or failing to disclose them if the broker knew or reasonably should have known that you would rely on the brokers statement or omission. For example, when your broker said that a particular investment is expected to increase in value by a specific amount or range of percentages, your reliance on that statement is more likely to be reasonable.

We have successfully sued brokers who have failed to disclose information that would have changed a reasonable investor’s understanding of the investment and its performance. Your recollection about what you were told, sometimes together with what the broker’s sales materials say, can be enough for you to have a good case against a bad broker.

We have successfully sued brokers both for making misleading promises about investments and for failing to disclose important information about an investment.

If you believe that you lost money because your broker lied to you, gave you incomplete or misleading information, or failed to give you the full story about an investment, we can help.

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