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Think the SEC is Protecting You? SEC to have skeleton crew in 2017.

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 Think the SEC is Protecting You? SEC to have skeleton crew in 2017.

The agency is likely to enter a quiet period with only two out of five commissioners on board
December 14, 2016.

Do you think anyone in government service is looking out to protect you from losses in the stock market?   A Securities and Exchange Commission in flux to start 2017 will avoid any controversial actions and enforcement cases, according to experts.
The Senate adjourned its lame-duck session over the weekend without confirming two SEC commissioner nominees — Republican Hester Peirce and Democrat Lisa Fairfax.  Chairwoman Mary Jo White said last month she will step down as President-elect Donald Trump enters the Oval Office.   Following her announcement, four division directors said they will soon depart as well.
With those personnel losses, and the lack of new appointments, the SEC will only have two commissioners and several acting division heads guiding the SEC in the new year — even for the entire 2017 year, while two commissioners and a chair are nominated and confirmed by the Senate.
The skeleton crew is likely to pursue a cautious agenda.  On her way out the door, Ms. White this week promised Congress the SEC would not be inert.  The meaning of this is unclear, since the SEC has done so little to protect investors.
After the potential flurry of rules in the next couple of weeks, the SEC is likely to enter a quiet stage of business as usual. Despite the pending changes at the top, the agency’s day-to-day operations will continue through the work of its approximately 4,000 staff members.
For instance, some investment advisers will have the SEC knocking on their doors, but without any leadership, how much can be reasonably expected?
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