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Li-Lin Hsu, Ameriprise Financial Services, Faces Pending Complaint

ameripriseLi-Lin Hsu, Ameriprise Financial Services, Faces Pending Complaint

Ameriprise broker Li-Lin Hsu, California, is currently not licensed to act as a broker or an investment adviser. The investment recovery lawyers at are ready to help customers recover their investment losses against Ms. Hsu (CRD# 4706509) or Ameriprise Financial Services.

Li-Lin Hsu worked for Ameriprise Financial Services in Los Angeles. She is currently not registered with any state or firm. We are particularly concerned with Li-Lin Hsu’s many Los Angeles, California, San Marino, California, and Pasadena, California customers. She was very active in local investments for many people in those communities, who relied upon her for all investment advice. Ameriprise Financial Services did not properly supervise Ms. Hsu’s accounts or provide sufficient protection to customers who have suffered significant losses.

According to the FINRA BrokerCheck report, Li-Lin Hsu has one regulatory sanction and two customer complaints, and was discharged from her position at Ameriprise Financial Services.

In October 2015 a party of customers alleged Li-Lin Hsu, while employed at Ameriprise Financial Services, misrepresented and recommended the purchase of an OOPS J&I International franchise that they were forced to close and file for bankruptcy. They also alleged she made an unauthorized transfer to an unknown third party’s account and additionally took a loan of $200,000 to buy land. The customers are seeking damages exceeding $1,198,000 in the pending complaint. These are very significant allegations.

In September 2015, a customer said that Li-Lin Hsu, while employed at Ameriprise Financial Services, misappropriated funds. The customer is seeking $805,370 in damages in the pending complaint. At we are excellent at investigating this type of claim or concern, and can efficiently bring you knowledge and peace of mind.

In August 2015, FINRA sanctioned–meaning punished- Li-Lin Hsu following allegations she failed to respond to a request for information. S he was suspended from associating with any FINRA member firm in any capacity, a suspension that was lifted on December 1st, 2015.
In May 2015 a customer said that Li-Lin Hsu, while employed at Ameriprise Financial Services, executed transactions without knowledge or permission. The customer sought unspecified damages in the complaint, which was closed.

In March 2015, Li-Lin Hsu was discharged from Amerprise Financial Services following allegations she violated company policy violations “related to maintaining a beneficiary relationship with a client, complaint handling, commingling funds, and conducting business with a former client.” This was quite a rough 2015 for Ameriprise Financial Services in Pasadena, California, and for the customers of Li-Lin Hsu.

If you or someone you know have losses in your account, with this financial advisor, call (888) 986-7199 or write the investment recovery lawyers at for a free no-cost consultation. We can help recover your losses and seek other damages, too.

You can use the email form or chat on You may be entitled to recover your losses. We work on contingency: we are paid only when you are paid. Time is limited; delay is the favorite defense of the brokerage firms. Call 888-986-7199 now to speak to an attorney for a no cost evaluation.


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