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Allegations Against Mr. Talebi of LPL Financial and Royal Alliance

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We are presently representing a number of Mr. Talebi’s former customers, each of which have serious allegations against Mr. Talebi.  Mr. Talebi was a big producing broker for LPL Financial and Royal Alliance.  Mr. Talebi sold millions of dollars of overstated investments, unsuitable for the firm’s customers.  Mr. Talebi especially preferred to sell LEAF investments, non-traded REIT investments in Inland REIT, and Jackson National Life variable annuities to his customers.  Many times, we believe, Mr. Talebi represented his customers as seeking higher risk than the customers actually were seeking.  Mr. Talebi frequently sold to members of the Persian American community in Los Angeles, especially promoted by a radio show on investments.
In another serious development against Mr. Talebi, he was recently suspended from work as a broker and fined $10,000 by the regulators.  Mr. Talebi acted to secretly control the trading in a customer’s account, which was held at another securities firm.  This is particularly bad conduct because it involves an element of deception, hiding his actions to trade the account.
Mr. Talebi has more than 20 customer complaints on his records, which is an exceptional number.
If you were a customer of Mr. Talebi, and have significant losses in your account, particularly if you were sold any LEAF investments, or Jackson National Life variable annuities, we urge you to contact us today.  The time to bring a claim against Mr. Talebi and his firm is rapidly approaching expiration, and you must bring your claim before that happens.  If your right to bring a claim expires, you will have no rights at all to compensation.  Our initial consultation is at no cost, and no obligation.  Like our other clients with losses caused by Mr. Talebi, we understand the stress his actions have caused you, and we will work hard to obtain compensation for you.  Contact us today.

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